JBIX peers with over 20 ISPs, corporations

KUALA LUMPUR: The Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX), the second Internet Exchange (IX) in Malaysia, said they have now peered with more than 20 different internet service providers (ISPs) and corporations from Malaysia and across the region.

JBIX chief peering officer Weng Yew Wong said the response from corporate players to the open concept of JBIX has been very positive.

“With the proliferation of broadband in the region, the time was ripe to have a second IX in Malaysia to bring the benefits of internet peering to businesses and organisations without an ISP licence.

“As of now, we have five corporate players from the education and financial sectors. Some of them are currently in the process of applying for their internet protocol (IP) addresses and autonomous system (AS) number, which will be a first-time venture for them,” he said in a statement today.

JBIX was launched in September 2018 to address a gap in the telecommunications industry, allowing non-ISP licensed businesses and organisations to peer with each other.

Weng said for any exchange, creating this network effect at the beginning is always a challenge.

“So far we are pleased with the response from the industry, we have counted over 20 participants three months after our launch,” he said.

He said the new peering partners would enjoy zero port charges until the end of September 2019, after which port charges will be priced at a rate which is among the lowest in the region.

New Straits Times