Your way into the cloud: fast, simple, stable, and secure. As a private direct connection bypassing the Internet, the DirectCLOUD service minimizes downtime and guarantees continuous connection to your chosen cloud service providers at our Cloud Exchange. Our unique and stable infrastructure reduces latency, allowing fast and effective collaboration in the cloud.


Cloud Exchange with over 50 cloud service providers.

Private, direct connection bypassing the Internet.

Simple and fast setup, flexible contract terms.

Private, secure, and direct access to the cloud

From communication to data storage to application development, the cloud offers game-changing opportunities for every business across all industries. The DirectCLOUD service provides private access to over 50 cloud service providers; simply via a VLAN to the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange. 

How does it work?

DirectCLOUD is a dedicated connection between your infrastructure and a chosen cloud service provider:

Step one: ISPs or data centers transport their enterprise customers to DE-CIX, or enterprises connect directly to DE-CIX.

Step two: DE-CIX extends the connection into the selected cloud – offering a private, secure direct connection with low latency.

Private, secure, and direct access to the cloud
Private, secure, and direct access to the cloud

One connection for all cloud service providers

With our DirectCLOUD service finder, you can search for available cloud service providers at our Cloud Exchange, filtering for categories like IaaS or DDoS, features like self-provisioning, or certifications. Our Cloud Exchange features over 50 cloud service providers – both the leading ones such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle plus a wide range of international and regional specialist providers. Use the flexibility and choose the right cloud service providers for your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

The DirectCLOUD service can also be used to connect to other ISPs in order to use their services, e.g. IP transit, infrastructure, and network capabilities. 

Flexible contract terms

You can now try out DirectCLOUD with just 1-month contract – or choose 12, 24, or 36 months. 

DirectCLOUD – improve cloud performance

Watch the video to learn how to improve your cloud performance by bypassing the Internet and creating direct, private connections to cloud service providers. 

Get connected

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