Penang IX powered by DE-CIX

DE-CIX's interconnection services is now available in Penang

Penang IX, powered by DE-CIX, leads the way in digital connectivity within Penang, Malaysia’s dynamic tech landscape. It serves as a pivotal hub for seamless data interconnection, leveraging DE-CIX’s expertise and infrastructure. This cutting-edge platform facilitates lightning-fast, secure, and reliable exchange of internet traffic among diverse networks, content providers, and businesses. Penang IX sets new standards for connectivity, fostering innovation and scalability for the region’s digital economy.

Penang IX's Gateway to Digital Expansion

With cutting-edge infrastructure and a thriving ecosystem, Penang IX redefines connectivity standards. It cultivates an environment ideal for collaboration and growth, presenting unparalleled opportunities for businesses. As the pinnacle of interconnection excellence, Penang IX enables enterprises to fully leverage digital connectivity, propelling innovation and fostering expansion within Penang’s vibrant tech landscape.

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Available services in Penang


Simplify your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy.

How to connect to DE-CIX

To benefit from our interconnection services, you first need to have access to our platform. Once you have access, you can order multiple services, overbook access with services, and have multiple ASNs on your access. 

DE-CIX Kuala Lumpur route server guide

DE-CIX operates so-called route server systems to facilitate the exchange of BGP announcements between peers at DE-CIX. Find out how this works at Penang IX