DE-CIX signs first Asean company for its DirectCLOUD solution

KUALA LUMPUR: Internet exchange operator DE-CIX has signed its first local DirectCLOUD partner from the Southeast Asian region, in the form of Singapore-based IT solutions provider BasicBrix.

DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD is a dedicated connection between a company’s infrastructure and a chosen cloud service provider that bypasses the public Internet and thus offers lower latency, higher performance, and increased security. 

DirectCLOUD enables customers to access the services of multiple cloud service providers.

This includes not only large, global players such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, but also many niches, specialist or regionally relevant cloud service providers via their own private, direct connection.

With this partnership, the company said Malaysian businesses can now enjoy affordable and reliable technological support to grow their businesses globally by taking advantage of the range of cost-effective and secure cloud and infrastructure services from a trusted local partner.

“In these globally challenging times, small and medium scale entrepreneurs (SMEs) have a hunger for the same breakthrough internet technologies that globally established companies and service organisations are already taking advantage of. 

“With DirectCLOUD, Malaysian businesses will experience an easy and smooth connection to BasicBrix’s cloud services, enabling them to be recognised as tech-savvy and successful,” said DE-CIX International chief executive officer CEO) Ivo Ivanov. 

BasicBrix recently established its presence in Malaysia. 

The company is now opening its doors to local companies and institutions here with to help propel Malaysian institutions towards the forefront of digital excellence on the world stage. 

It said with the combination of BasicBrix’s hassle-free cloud computing services and DirectCLOUD’s secure and high-performance direct connection, enterprises, start-ups, SMEs, developers and educational institutions can reap the benefits of cloud computing.

BasicBrix CEO Timothy Chan said the company was committed to bringing affordable, hassle-free and trustworthy cloud computing to this region.

“Among our goals is to localise the plethora of cutting-edge cloud technologies to the diverse and nuanced needs of local organisations and enterprises. 

“As we grow our presence in Singapore and Malaysia, the two leading countries in terms of cloud consumption within the region, we are confident that the combination of our offerings with those of DE-CIX will be able to allow local companies to achieve previously unattainable levels of security, privacy and speed,” he said. 

BasicBrix aims to continue setting up cloud infrastructure across other countries in the region. – New Straits Times