Service Update & IP Renumbering Plan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]JBIX was formed 3-years ago with an objective to facilitate traffic exchange in Johor Bahru – the border city between Malaysia and Singapore. Today, thanks to your support, our participants has grown to over 60, and we are now a strong viable alternative in our operating markets.


Last year JBIX achieved a significant milestone when we signed a definitive agreement to form a joint venture with DECIX International. The joint venture entities, known as DECIX Malaysia and DECIX Singapore, were formed to jointly address the Malaysia and Singapore markets. With this marriage, we have also planned to roll out the DECIX Apollon platform to this region.


The Apollon Platform

Today I am proud to inform you that the Apollon platform is ready for business. The Apollon platform is a software-defined connectivity platform that brings ease of configuration and management to the services you use in JBIX. It is built using Nokia’s Carrier-grade Ethernet hardware and the software developed by DECIX in-house. Going forward, we have planned to roll out API interface so we can add more third-party functions and customization to benefit your business.


In additional to the GlobePeer, the standard peering service, the Apollon platform will also introduce for the first time, Virtual-PNI and Cloud Exchange services. Together, we hope to deliver to you a feature-rich, carrier-grade connectivity platform you could count on with the most important traffic in your network.



Perhaps one of the most notable announcements in the Apollon rollout is the inclusion of Borneo-IX in the new platform. As you probably have heard from the DECIX press releases, Borneo-IX, based in Brunei, is the latest Internet Exchange managed by the Apollon platform. By participating in DECIX-JBIX’s Apollon platform, you will be able to peer with the networks in Borneo-IX starting in mid-April.  For more information, pls visit:



As a result of our growth and the introduction of the Apollon platform, we would like to announce a renumbering exercise for our participants. The current peering IP address that you have been allocated to use in JBIX will need to be changed to another IP address (with the same last octet).


The renumbering exercise will be carried at these dates:

29th March 2021 and 30th March 2021


Your current old IP address will be retired at this date:

8th April 2021


In the coming week, you will receive email from us on your new assigned IP along with the steps to undertake for this change. There will also be contact detail for technical support in case you need help.


The past 3 years have been an amazing experience for us all here in JBIX. We couldn’t have achieved this without your support and encouragement. I look forward to continue our journey and our relationship as the new DECIX entity and I wish you good health and happy peering.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]