DE-CIX Malaysia, MOF Inc Subsidiary to Expand Northern Interconnectivity Platform

DE-CIX Malaysia has inked a partnership with Northern Gateway (NGX) to extend its existing DE-CIX Malaysia interconnection platform into Kota Perdana (which will soon be officially renamed as Delapan Special Border Economic Zone).

NGX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minister of Finance Inc (MOF Inc.)

The extension of the existing DE-CIX Malaysia interconnection platform will be housed in Open DC’s soon to be built tier-3 data centre at the northern border. This project aims to facilitate traffic exchange in the region and pave the way for low latency and high-speed connectivity across borders in Southeast Asia. It will provide businesses on both sides of the Malaysian-Thai border with the opportunity to connect to each other directly and exchange data with high performance and reliability. In addition, it opens up access to the wider DE-CIX Asia interconnection ecosystem for businesses and network operators from both Malaysia and Thailand, e.g. to source content and applications and access clouds directly from Singapore.

The project is expected to be completed by 2024, enabling prospective collaborative efforts with other regional tech players and the industry’s private sector to further improve the country’s Internet performance.

Chief Executive Officer of DE-CIX International, Ivo Ivanov said the extension of the existing DE-CIX Malaysia interconnection platform in the Northern Gateway is a significant step in strengthening the digital ecosystem throughout the ASEAN region.

“It will not only bring low-latency and high-speed connectivity to currently underserved areas but also enable cross-border data flows.” By facilitating the local exchange of traffic, but also the direct interconnection with networks at other DE-CIX IXs in the region, DE-CIX gives people and businesses in Kedah, Perlis, and across the border in Thailand, and Indochina the digital infrastructure they deserve,” Ivo Ivanov said.

Meanwhile, Wong Weng Yew, Founder and Managing Director of Open DC, said the interconnectivity hub will complement the development of Delapan as a vibrant business hub in the north, allowing tech players to develop business hosting with better connectivity through Open DC’s data centre, and at the same time to benefit from DE-CIX’s IX to obtain low latency connectivity to the Internet and cloud services.

“This partnership with DE-CIX signifies another major milestone for Delapan. DE-CIX @ Delapan will strengthen our border ecosystem to benefit Malaysia, Thailand and also Indochina. NGX will continue to invest in developing critical infrastructures to position Delapan as the most sustainable gateway to the Indochina market,” Razwin Sulairee Hasnan Termizi, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Gateway said. – Business Today